The Google Fonts Plugin

The relatively new Google fonts plugin is one that has rapidly gained popularity for WordPress users. The plugin allows you to choose from a variety of new fonts for your website provided by Google. This allows for further customization of your website and the unique ability to use Google’s famous font styles. Along with adding the necessary Google code to your WordPress site, this plugin gives the user the ability to assign Google fonts to certain CSS elements on their website, all from the WordPress admin. As of now, there are hundreds of different Google fonts made available through this plugin and they are steadily updating it to add more and more. The fonts are compatible with any theme and can be previewed in real time before you save your work.

The Google fonts plugin is said to be very easy to install and use. A user can simply click the “add new” tab under the plugins section of their WordPress admin and they should be able to find and install the plugin with ease.The plugin conveniently provides the codes for you so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of entering them yourself when installing.

This plugin has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. It has been downloaded 1,021,719 times to date, and has had 167 reviews on the WordPress plugins website. Some of the positive reviews posted on the WordPress review page say things such as “Easy to use and great support,” and “Probably the most important plugin for your site.” Of the very few negative reviews on the site a couple of them said “Good plugin, bad documentation,” and that it was simply not easy to use. Overall, however the feedback on the Google fonts plugin has been overwhelmingly positive, ensuring that this easily usable tool for customizing your WordPress site is worth a try.

Below are a couple screenshots showing the interface for this plugin.

tk-google-fonts screenshot 3

tk-google-fonts screenshot 4

tk-google-fonts screenshot 1

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